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What if.. Contemporary Nomads

As I was driving home from work the other day, I thought of how strange it was that I make this drive twice a day many days a week. I wondered what benefit a stationary, cordoned off space brought me. I then wondered that about society at large.

I’m obviously not suggesting that at any point this paradigm will flip, at least not completely, but it was kind of fun to imagine a world where having a place to own and store things was not so important. I know a lot of what we have now is dictated by proximity to our value creating activities, but as robots begin to take over more and more responsibilities I would have to imagine location becomes less of an obligation and more of an opportunity. How cool would it be to own just a minimal set of items or be able to rent them and just move around towards whatever interested you the most at the time. Or, maybe travel could become so cheap and resources so non-scarce that we could store what mattered in one home location and spend a lot more time rotating around the globe. AirBnB already kind of enables this. What if we had nano-bots that could give birth to and destroy structures very quickly? What if the organization of municipal services was a lot more modular?

What if technology allowed us to effectively live, at any moment, in a world of our own ethereal whim?